Starting an Ambulance Company

Ambulance and EMS Billing Services and Consulting
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Starting an ambulance company is a challenge, but sometimes it is necessary to improve the service available in your community. If you are thinking about starting an ambulance company, you need the right kind of partners in your new venture.

One of these partners should be an expert in the ambulance cash-flow process. That is where PMC comes in.  We have been helping small ambulance services and rescue squads succeed for twenty-five years. Whether your ambulance up-start will be a private company, an expanding fire department or a non-profit company, step by step planning will reduce headaches, save time and money.  New business consulting is one of the most important added values we offer our new clients.  Doing business with Medicare and Medicaid is a complex process that has to be taken into consideration at every step.  If you are ready to start an ambulance company, let us help you take the right steps at the right time. 

PMC is an EMS and Ambulance Billing Company that specializes in solving tough cash flow problems.  If you need a solution for your billing that is easy to deploy, affordable and effective, the logical choice is PMC. Let us show you why. Consultations are free, without obligation and completely confidential.

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