Emergency Ambulance Billing Services

PMC has been providing emergency ambulance billing services for over twenty years.  Our services are designed to maximize your cash flow with minimal downtime.  EMS Billing is complex billing specialty, we understand your cash flow needs and we know how to help.  Call PMC Today!!! 1-800-635-7577

Each type of provider faces a specific set of challenges.  Some of the ways we help our clients deal with those challenges include:

  • Documentation support for Field Crews, QA Supervisors and Administrators.
  • Support for a wide variety of ePCR solutions.
  • Electronic insurance claim submission.
  • Direct deposit payments directly from the insurance companies.
  • Repetitive Medicare patient – prior authorization support.
  • Careful claim follow up with necessary appeals filed.
  • Patient billing process customized for your community.
  • Professional patient statements, designed specifically for your agency.
  • Creative options to improve patient relations and cashflow.
  • Provider enrollment assistance, new enrollment, updates, re-validations.
  • Peace of Mind: The most important benefit we provide.


Modern EMS and ambulance administrators are facing enormous challenges today.  Changing payment guidelines, patient demographic changes, reduced household incomes, increasing regulatory overhead, advancing technology that helps and costs more money at the same time.  It is very difficult to make the budget balance these days, assembling the best possible team is critical to your survival and to your patients.  If your agency provides emergency, non-emergency transport services or major incident responses…take some time to speak with PMC today!!! 1-800-635-7577.

If you are looking for more information on the Medicare Prior Authorization Program for Repetitive and Dialysis patients, click here!.  Several states are currently affected by the new program, it will go nation wide on January 1, 2017.  If you are responsible for transporting patients for life sustaining treatments such as dialysis, start planning for these changes today.  The Medicare changes have caused many dialysis ambulance patients to lose their transportation.  The media has investigated this in every major city to no avail, providers are going out of business.  This is not something to put off until December.

Ambulance and EMS billing services for the provider who needs real solutions to real problems.