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EMS Billing Services

Providing quality patient care, with a substandard cash flow is frustrating. Equipment, vehicles, supplies and manpower…it’s all very expensive. The ambulance & EMS billing process has to work for you and for your patients. But you can’t trust this task to just anyone. Like EMS, the billing process also requires special equipment, software, skills and experience. Today’s EMS economy is difficult. Ambulance providers are caught between payers and patients.

EMS billing is our specialty at PMC. We have been working with ambulance and EMS providers since 1995. With twenty years experience we have successfully worked every type of ambulance claim. Everything from aviation crashes to major incident rescues to repetitive dialysis ambulance patients. We understand the challenges you face today and we know where the hidden pitfalls are located in the billing process. We are anxious to help you make a difference for your patients and for your future.

  • Comprehensive ambulance billing services ensure a reliable cash flow
  • Electronic insurance claim submission
  • Direct deposit payments directly from the insurance companies
  • Repetitive Medicare patient – prior authorization support
  • Careful claim follow up with necessary appeals filed
  • Patient billing process customized for your community
  • Professional patient statements, designed specifically for your agency
  • Creative options to improve patient relations and cashflow
  • Documentation support for Field Crews, QA Supervisors and Administrators
  • Support for a wide variety of ePCR solutions
  • Provider enrollment assistance, new enrollment, updates, re-validations
  • Peace of Mind: The most important benefit we provide


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EMS Billing Service Levels

Emergency Ambulance Billing

Emergency EMS providers are facing numerous challenges. Funding should not be one of them, but it is. PMC partners with emergency providers who are ready to succeed today. If your problem is cash flow, or any other business office issue, call PMC today and conquer the modern EMS business environment!!! 1-800-635-7577

Nonemergency Ambulance Billing

Nonemergency ambulance companies face serious business challenges. Providers are going out of business, right now. PMC is committed to rapidly responding with the information, support and service that you need to keep your patients moving to and from their destinations. The stakes are high, you need a partner that understands that. Call us today! 1-800-635-7577

Repetitive Ambulance Patients

Medicare has made major changes to the rules for repetitive ambulance transports. Do not delay, get the help you need now. Providers are going out of business because they waited too long to prepare. Call PMC today!!! 1-800-635-7577

Why Priority Medical Claims?

Experience...twenty years of EMS billing & consulting.
Expertise...emergency and non-emergency transport billing.
Excellence...your partner for back office success.

Medicare Ambulance Documentation

Frequent Questions???

  • What states or areas do you cover?

    PMC uses a number of different technologies to close the distance gap. We can bill for ambulance transports and major incidents in any state, territory or insular area. Our clients can be found quite literally, all over the globe. 1-800-635-7577 / 1-304-253-1060.
  • How much will it cost us to outsource our billing?

    Our services are designed to help an EMS provider succeed and thrive. This requires more than just a biller and a computer. At a minimum, a biller must have highly skilled leadership to succeed, and this means a larger staff. Outsourcing is definitely less expensive when you calculate the cost of running an effective, compliant billing department. Our fees will equal a small percentage of the funds we collect. Commission rates will vary, depending on the work required to stabilize and increase your companies cash flow. We only prosper when you prosper for the long term. Call us today and sleep better tonight...1-800-635-7577.
  • Do we really need a patient signature on every transport?

    Generally speaking, yes. Medicare guidelines ask providers to obtain a new signature (on a billing authorization form) for each date of service. When an EMT is unable to obtain a signature due to the type of scenario responded to, Medicare does allow certain alternatives. The most common error we see however is using those alternatives at the wrong time. If the patient's condition is not emergent, then a patient signature will be necessary. Lifetime billing authorizations are not permitted by Medicare regulations. Their use by the EMS community is being challenged by Medicare. A lot of work has been done by Medicare to clarify these rules, contact us today for customized assistance and signature forms for your squad. We can be reached toll free at 1-800-635-7577.
  • Who is responsible for the Prior Authorization Requests for Medicare's repetitive patients?

    PMC will file, track and monitor your Prior Authorization requests for dialysis and wound care patients. The provider is responsible for generating or obtaining the documentation needed to support medical necessity for the patient. We support our clients while dealing with this issue every day. If your state begins the PA program in 2017, call PMC today, time to prepare is running out fast. 1-800-635-7577
  • What about soft vs. hard billing?

    PMC is not a collection agency. Our goal is to reduce patient balances by securing payment from their insurance as often as possible. Some patient billing is required for the billing process to work for you, but we do not use "collection agency tactics". We realize of course that some providers do need a collection solution and we work closely with those clients to deliver that service. Our clients never lose control over which accounts are referred to collections though.
  • What is Major Incident Billing?

    Major incidents are responses by Fire or EMS agencies that require long standby times and large amounts of resources. Semi truck crashes, small & large Hazardous Material spills (or risk of a spill), commercial and industrial facility incidents, small aviation incidents, rail incidents, etc. We handle collections for the occasional major incident. No long term obligation or contract. This is not about billing smaller, day to day, incidents ion your area, this is about helping your department protect it's interests after a major incident has stressed your resources and ability to respond tomorrow. If your agency has responded to a major incident, call today for a free consultation...1-800-635-7577.
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