Ambulance Billing

Ambulance PCS Rules Change in 2020

The ambulance PCS rules have changed for the year 2020.  Ambulance & EMS billing often requires providers to obtain an Ambulance Physician Certification Statement (PCS).  For the year 2020, we have seen some important changes to the PCS rules over at CMS and Medicare.  The...

Repetitive Ambulance Patient Overpayments

Repetitive Ambulance Patient Mileage Overpayments   As some of you may be aware, your local Medicare carrier, Palmetto GBA, has incorrectly allowed payment for certain mileage charges, for repetitive ambulance patients. Typically, overpayments would have to be refunded...

Hospital to Hospital Transport by Ground Ambulance

When Medicare’s coverage criteria is met, hospital to hospital transport by ground ambulance is a covered service. The program covers both emergent and non-emergent responses at the BLS or ALS level. Providers must demonstrate through their patient care report that all...

Monthly EMS Giveaway

Monthly EMS Giveaway EMS is a tough job – long hours, sleepless nights, dangerous scenes, awful weather – and you do it anyway. We want to say Thank You for your commitment to the EMS mission! We chose “Success in EMS” as our theme for 2017 because we are...

Ambulance ABN (Advanced Beneficiary Notice)

Ambulance ABN (Advance Beneficiary Notice)   Ambulance ABN Discussion The Advanced Beneficiary Notice (“ABN”) is a Medicare form designed to give patients an estimate of charges for non-covered services. The form should only be used for stable, non-emergency...