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Notify PMC of Walk-In Payments and EOBs Received Direct


  • Include both front & back pages of your documents, EOBs are often printed on two sides to save paper.
  • Use scanner resolutions of Black & White and 300 dpi for best results.
  • Scan each document into an individual file.  An EOB should be scanned into a single file, a patient payment should be in a single file.
  • Assign your document a filename that helps explain what is supposed to be in the file.  Sometimes a scan will corrupt or fail, if we need you to rescan the document, the filename is the only way to know what was there.  We recommend using file name structures like: “ABC EMS_PMT or DENIAL_Payer_Date of EOB”.  An example would be, “ABCEMS_PMT_JSMITH_2016-01-01” or “XYZEMS_PAYMENT_RRMCARE_2016-11-15”.  Anything that works for you and tells us what to expect in the file, will help make your scan efforts a huge success.
  • Attach patient medical records, PCS forms and patient signature forms to the patient’s chart, do not use this system for medical records, patient signatures or PCS forms.

This system will eMail a the appropriate PMC team member as soon as your file is uploaded.

If you need help with the upload process, call us immediately at 1-304-253-1059 or 1-800-635-7577.

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