EMS Field Data Collection


When you hire PMC you are working with EMS and ambulance billing specialists.  We solve acute cash flow problems and then work toward a stable revenue stream you can run your business with.  When a change is needed in ePCR software, we have relationships with several reputable options you can consider.  EPCR software is deep specialty, just like EMS Billing.  We found the best companies to provide those services and we focus on using the software to generate the cash flow you need to take care of your patients.  Changing patient care reporting systems can be a real challenge, let us help you coordinate that change with your cash flow.

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  • Does your billing team specialize in ambulance billing?
  • Are you prepared for the loss of a billing team employee?
  • What about the TCS changes coming next month that will bring your Medicare cash flow to an immediate halt?
  • Who will supervise the billing team while you are in the field?
  • Is your billing software up to date with the applicable rules and regulations?
  • Will you study and attend billing seminars or get your con-ed for your EMT certification?

Billing outsourcing makes good sense for most EMS and Ambulance Providers.

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