Non-Emergency Ambulance Billing

Non-Emergency Ambulance Billing

Some patients MUST be transported by non-emergency ambulance, they are simply unable to tolerate transport in a private auto or wheelchair van. In these cases, you may be their only choice, but getting paid is not always easy. Your choice of billing solution can make a world of difference for these patients. An experienced ambulance billing solution is critical to serving these patients successfully. Medicare billing rules are complex and filled with compliance risks. Inexperience in this area can lead to devastating financial problems for your company. The more important your non-emergency patients are to you, the more important it is that you have the best billing assistance.


Non-emergency ambulance billing includes:

  • Dialysis ambulance transports
  • Cancer treatment patients
  • Wound care patients
  • Hospital discharges
  • Skilled Nursing Facility admissions
  • Inter-facility transfers (ALS & BLS)

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